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Yourls Abusedesk released

[EDIT: This is already an older version. For the latest updates, please keep an eye on the yourls-abusedesk tag on this blog or the Yourls-Abusedesk project.]

So, it’s weekend and Liz is out with the girls, so I finally got around to finishing my Abusedesk tool for Yourls.

Abusedesk for Yourls is a plugin module written and tested with Yourls SVN rev. 503
but is probably functional with any release of 1.4 or higher.

Abusedesk is designed to allow YOURLS-administrators to prevent or restrict abuse by
link-posters. It does this by the following methods:

1) Implement a blacklist and a report-page. If any visitor states a short URL is abusive,
the system will automatically mark the URL as ‘bad’ and report future visitors of this.

2) Implement a banlist and allow the administrator to prevent certain IP-addresses to
post, or prevent certain (partial) URL’s to be shortened.

3) If Google Safe Browsing is activated, prevent visitors from running into (known)
phishing or malware sites

Download yourls-abusedesk-svn7

28 Comments to “Yourls Abusedesk released”

  1. I tried adding this plugin, but whenever I do i always get a blank page, but it does recognize the plugin. And it includes all the meta data for the plugin. I was wondering if I was doing anything wrong, because I’d really like to add the plugin to my site. Thanks!

  2. florian Author

    Hi Henry,

    thanks for your interest. The blank page is an indication that PHP bombed on the code. Perhaps your systems logfiles can tell you more. Did you copy the config-sample.php as documented?

  3. Ozh

    Really cool. A built-in installer would rock 🙂 (especially if you want to install the plugin on a Win32 machine)

    1. Florian Author

      I’m not a Win32 expert, so I’m not sure how to approach that. Maybe a generic configuration store in Yourls would help avoid the need for config.php at all 🙂

  4. Hi,
    I fixed the blank page issue by adding the config file, and it says its activated, but it doesn’t seem to be working….I wanted to use the report feature the most, so I set up the form, and it says it reported it as “bad” but nothing special happens when I go the URL…Any help would be great! Thanks!

  5. Florian Author


    that should work just fine and does not require any external plugins or dependancies. Is the reported entry visible in the yourls_blocked database table at all? Could it be a permission problem on your DB?

  6. I can not install it. I followed all the instructions, Generate an API key, but then… nothing. Please, help. e-maill me to: bonic1999@gmail.com

    1. Florian Author

      The blank page is an indication that PHP bombed on the code. Perhaps your systems logfiles can tell you more. Did you copy the config-sample.php as documented?

  7. Prompt

    I enter the urls in the database. But nothing happens. Spammers continue to introduce them. I am very tired 🙁

    1. Florian Author

      How do you mean? Do you use GSB, or do you just enter the blacklisting manually?

      Spammers will continue to find new ways to abuse the system, this is exactly why things like GSB are so important – even if a malicious link gets into your database, shortly after GSB tags the link as malicious, your system will sync the data and also block the link. This is (once properly configured) an automated process so you should not get tired from that 🙂

  8. Plugin Works

    This plugin does not work! The instructions in the README file are poor and not complete. All that happens is a blank screen. Worst plugin I’ve seen in years!

    1. Florian Author

      No need to be harsh, really. Did you follow the installation steps, in particular step 2 (copy configuration sample file)? Omitting this will result in a blank page as you describe (and as others in the comments have also found out). Feel free to suggest improvements or even create your own variations, I’ll be happy to look at them.

  9. Plugin Works

    I need follow your instructions and that is the problem. Your instructions are not clear and incomplete.

  10. I had problems with spammers and so had to make my shortener Private. looking forward to installing this plugin. Would just like to say a big thank you for your personal time in putting this plugin together, Its very much appreciated.

    Big THANKS to you Florian

  11. Florian, you might want to add to the readme file that if they’re using the Google safe browsing plugin then it takes around 24 hours to fully populate the database with hashes (as it downloads in chunks from Google). It may have been the reason why loads of people were having problems.

    1. Florian Author

      That’s a good point indeed, I’ll take it up in the next versions – Thanks for the suggestion!

  12. Thank you very much for this nice plugin.

    Everyting was clear so I had no problems and everything is running fine! 🙂

    Thanks again, I will certainly link back to this site from my url shortener! 🙂


  13. Kamazaki

    Thank your for the plugin ! I had problems with adf.ly spammers , set up some things and now every adf.ly and other tinyurl services are blocked !

    1. Florian Author

      @Bossa: No, that should be possible too, but it requires some carefull handywork. If you download and extract the package to a subdirectory called ‘phpgsb’ before running install-gsb, it would cause the install-gsb script to think it already downloaded it, and proceed with configuring the package as needed.

  14. Thank you Florian! Just to be clear – Are you saying I should extract the package to a subdirectory called phpgsb or I should not? Also does this install take place on my local machine or on my web server?

    1. Florian Author

      You need to make sure the phpgsb.class.php and all the related files from the package you download end up in a subdirectory called phpgsb within the yourls-abusedesk plugin folder. Since it becomes a part of your Yourls setup I am assuming you will do this on your web-server, but you could also prepare it locally and then upload the complete structure at once. That is a matter of personal preference 🙂

  15. Jeremiah

    Ok I know this is really sad, but how do I run the install-gsb and update-gsb scripts? I’ve tried googling it but have not had any luck.

    Thanks a lot!

    By the way, I am really enjoying the link reporting feature so far. Thanks for all your hard work!

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