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[EDIT: This is already an older version. For the latest updates, please keep an eye on the yourls-abusedesk tag on this blog or the Yourls-Abusedesk project.]

So, it’s weekend and Liz is out with the girls, so I finally got around to finishing my Abusedesk tool for Yourls.

Abusedesk for Yourls is a plugin module written and tested with Yourls SVN rev. 503
but is probably functional with any release of 1.4 or higher.

Abusedesk is designed to allow YOURLS-administrators to prevent or restrict abuse by
link-posters. It does this by the following methods:

1) Implement a blacklist and a report-page. If any visitor states a short URL is abusive,
the system will automatically mark the URL as ‘bad’ and report future visitors of this.

2) Implement a banlist and allow the administrator to prevent certain IP-addresses to
post, or prevent certain (partial) URL’s to be shortened.

3) If Google Safe Browsing is activated, prevent visitors from running into (known)
phishing or malware sites

Download yourls-abusedesk-svn7